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Busted Chakras?

Are there aspects of your life that seem to be stuck in a perpetual pattern of negativity? Are you ready to throw a stick in your karmic spokes and move on from it?

From the moment we are born, our chakra system begins to develop. Your karma, past lives and genetics have already set you on a particular path and with each and every event you experience- your energy body feels the effects.

Your life energy flows through 72000 channels in your body, however, simply understanding your seven main chakras that connect to the Sushumna channel (one of the main nadi), and becoming aware of what's happening within you- is key to mastering your highest vibration.

The key to unlocking your busted chakras is much more attainable than you think. There are simple, practical ways to identify blockages. You do not need to be a serious spiritual seeker in order to establish whats happening and how you're going to wake those dim or closed chakras. It can be difficult for some folks to accept their overactive chakras as well, but that can be addressed with a little help from your friends, a good sense of humor and some healthy intuition.

Stay tuned my friends, for later this spring I will be offering an interactive workshop that will address your cosmic baggage in a lighthearted, practical way.

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