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Thank you for taking the time to discover the ways Reiki can make a true difference in your life. I look forward to sharing this gift with you and guiding you on your  personal journey towards healing. This means something different to each person... whether you seek restoration and balance, or you have the need to set intentions to assist in specific health needs; I can offer you a place to start.


I first became interested in Reiki over a decade ago when I was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident. My leg was severely damaged and the prognosis didn't seem hopeful. I spent many long months in physical therapy, in order to learn how to walk again with a degenerative and permanent disability.


Many of us know first hand, that western medicine has  been proven to save lives and provide clear, measurable success in the face of trauma and disease. I, however, had a long time to ponder what it meant for me to heal. Eventually, I made the decision to disregard the suggestion for pharmaceutical relief, and instead,  focus my mind inward and learn deep meditation techniques. From then on, I knew wholeheartedly that there was an energy available to all of us, that provided incredible relief. My path had changed. 

After a few years, I finally made the decision to bring Reiki into my life. This is something I truly want to share with others. Reiki is now widely recognized in many of the most prestigious hospitals and health care organizations in our country. It is used in cancer centers, veteran groups, and is embraced in end of life care, which is something I feel called to do. Meet




My goal is to make this accessible to all walks of life on Cape Cod & Southeastern Massachusetts. I look forward to connecting when the time is right for you.





Erin Peterson Reiki

Erin Peterson

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