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90 Minute Reiki Session: $110

A 90 minute session allows us to channel a deep sense of well being, while delving further into any areas of the physical or energy body that may need more attention. This treatment will include a guided meditation and sound therapy to enhance your experience. This is not your traditional reiki session.





60 Minute Reiki session: $65

A traditional session where we will focus on overall stress relief and relaxation.




30 Minute Reiki Session: $35

A 30 minute session is perfect for those busy weeks where you could use a blissful moment to yourself. This is the perfect treatment for busy moms, college students and those of you who need to squeeze in the time during a brief break from work.

*in the case of mobile visits:This is offered when two or more clients book appointments at the same location*







                   Consultations: Free

This will take place on the phone, through e-mail, or in person. During this time, you will have the chance to ask any questions and decide if Reiki is right for you. From here, you may decide to think about it and contact me another time. Perhaps you're ready to move forward, if so, we will discuss your health history and your current state of being, in order to develop a plan that meets your needs.


Special Services


         Personal In-Home Sessions

 I used to offer this service exclusively to people with mobility and transportation issues, however, I've found that some people appreciate being in the comfort of their own space. (Additional charges may apply based on your location.)

*In-home visits are not limited by office hours. 

Cape Cod Blissful Births

This is a one of a kind service. It serves as a comprehensive and customized treatment plan that enables expecting mothers to maintain an optimal sense of well-being through each stage of pregnancy. I can also be on-call during labor and delivery. This plan also includes regular post-partum visits. If you are working with a doula, I would be glad to coordinate with them to ensure my visits serve your needs.

End of Life Transitions

Coming Soon!


When a child is born, family and friends surround the new mother; Whether its simply being present or providing support during the tougher times. I believe that the same presence, care and light are crucial when someone begins the end of life transition.

I am available for reiki, spiritual palliative care and respite during your beloveds final months.


Perhaps circumstance prevents you from being there during the final days; I provide a loving, safe, and dignified bedside vigil. I am on-call for family members as well.


This is a difficult time, but it can also be a time of positive reflection, gratitude and peace. Please reach out. I am here for you. 

Live Music Healing Arts Program

Promoters, managers, event planners, bands and VIP Hospitality organizers! If you want to offer your talent ultimate comfort Please send an e-mail with event information. I will get back to you shortly with program details.

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